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Your holiday home in the best hands

Spain is a fantastic country. From its wonderful climate to its welcoming culture and beautiful beaches. No wonder more and more people are buying holiday homes here. But owning a holiday home also involves many practical issues. For example, who takes care of your property when you are not in Spain? And how do you communicate with Spanish authorities?
As a Dutch couple with more than 30 years' experience in Spain, we take all these practical matters off your hands. So you can enjoy your holiday without any worries. We take care of your home when you are not there. Or make your stay even more pleasant when you are in Spain. Whatever we can help you with, we set the bar high. Our approach is very personal and completely customised. No request is too crazy for us.
We work in the Malaga and Marbella area.

Step 1

We will map out your needs and home during a personal meeting in Spain

Step 2

Based on your needs and home, we will create a plan of action and price quote

Step 3

Do you agree? Then you will get access to a personal online environment where we will keep you informed about our work

Carefree holidays

Time to enjoy your holiday home carefree!

Get to know Leo and Myra

Leo Reef and Myra Bakker are the inspired couple behind Instyle Home Service. We believe that a holiday home in Spain is more than a second home. But a place where unforgettable memories are made. That is why we take care of your property as if it were our own.
Leo ran a company in the automotive industry for many years and is at home in the real estate market and renovations. Myra has lived in Spain for more than 30 years and knows the culture, customs and regulations inside out.

Myra Bakker

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Leo Reef

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